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My name is Tom Herbert, I'm a baker, and you're in good hands here. If you give me just a couple of minutes I'd love to share some baking secrets, introduce you to some of the coolest baking and cooking kit, tell you about some of the courses and adventures I've got cooking that I'd love you to join me on, and finally an invitation to the feast, an occasional letter from me that's easy on the eye and guaranteed to feed you in all the good ways.


Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a baker married to Anna and we live near Stroud [UK] with our four kids.  

Recently I've been working in Brimscombe at Grace Network, home of Stroud Food Bank, Furniture Bank, Kids Stuff, Kick Off Stroud and most recently The Long Table CIC that I have launched with lots of helps from good friends. Our aim is to feed change, bite at a time.

I've been on the telly sharing what I love, most famously with my brother Henry, people know us as the fabulous baker brothers

Most of my life I've worked at our family business Hobbs House Bakery

I’m an ambassador for the charity Tearfund.

I’m a bit of a pyro and sharing great food with people I love fuels my fire.

My mission is to re-unpack grains awesomeness to maximise flavour, nutrition and impact. 

I hope you enjoy having a look around this site, go to LOVE for more good stuff and if you want to get in touch please message me on Instagram.

Peace & Loaf,



unpacking grain in the most life giving way


Check out this handful of recipes brother Henry and I created for Four Seasons Fairways at Quinta do Lago in the Algarve.